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"I’ve had the best legal experience with Lucas...A very honorable person with great work ethics." H. Abraham


Mission Statement

Adams Legal Mediations was created to:

1) Help People Solve Problems (by avoiding litigation)

2) To Help People Limit the Cost and Stress (by avoiding litigation)

3) To Provide an Excellent Service at a Reasonable Rate (by using an attorney trained in mediation and not vice versa)

Mediation means less stress

Court = Stress and Cost

AL Mediations helps people save money and time through mediation. This saves clients the cost and stress of going to court and litigating matters.

Historically, over 90% of most litigated cases settle before trial. There are a lot of reasons for this. But one reason mediation is so successful is because the parties get to determine their own fate. It is not left up to a judge. Having ownership over one's future makes a tense situation more solvable. When parties begin to believe that their problems can be solved amicably, it is amazing to see the stress leave.

Lucas is an Attorney and a mediator

Attorney Mediators

AL Mediations uses licensed attorneys trained in mediation. This is not to be confused with mediators trying to understand the law. At AL Mediations we help clients by providing a legal perspective based upon actual courtroom experience. We help people come up with solutions from years of practical experience.

Mediation is cost effective

Quality and Affordability

At AL Mediations we provide reasonable rates to help ensure that everyone has access to excellent quality service at an affordable price.

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