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"Lucas helped me get the help I needed.


Emily Adams started Adams Legal in 2014 as a way to practice law and spend time with her young children. Adams Legal was an instrument to find a work-life balance in ever demanding workplace. Her husband Lucas was also a practicing attorney working for litigation firms. He eventually took the plunge and joined his wife's firm. Together they made Adams Legal into an appellate practice (Emily) and a district court or litigation practice (Lucas).

Now, fast forward several years and Emily and Lucas see the value of alternative dispute resolution. Lucas trained at the University of Utah law school to become a mediator. He now uses his experience to help people struggling with divorce, property disputes, contract disputes, personal injury and any other problem people may struggle with to find a more amicable solution through mediation. Adams Legal has transformed into Adams Legal Mediations because we believe that mediation is a better use of everyone's time and money.

Trust us when we say, if you can mediate your case, even if it is not with it. That how much we believe in it.

Picture of Lucas Adams and Emily Adams
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